We packed up from the resovoir and headed down the mountain to Boulder.  Any disappointment from C Springs was gone.  We felt like we finally arrived in Colorado!  The day just kept progressing and was an awesome experience.

It started at Mountain Sun Brewery where we chowed down on awesome burgers and some great beers.  After lunch we decided to stroll around town and ended up in central park where a festival was in full swing with hula-hoopers, dancing, river tubing, and bikes everywhere.  There were hippies everywhere and everyone was having a great time.


P7250293.JPGP7250283.JPGWe stayed in a hotel the first night to get cleaned up then migrated to Dream Canyon.  The campsite was beautiful, but the neighbors were a bit shady and were definately living there.  We met “Face-Tattoo John” while enjoying coffee on the edge of the canyon.  He was super nice but was living in a wal-mart tent on public land with a year and a half old daughter and his ex-girlfriend.  He had been at the campsite for almost a month. (You are allowed to stay for 14 days). At one point he said he was heading into town to go to work, but we saw him just wandering around aimlessly on pearl street.  Oh well, it takes all kinds…

We hung out here for a few days with some mountain biking and trips to the city.  Betasso preserve was an awesome mtb loop and highly recommended if you end up in Boulder with your bike.

After a few days, we moved up to Sugarloaf Mountain and found a much more secluded campsite which was amazing.  This would be our home for the next few days.  After more mountain biking we needed a shower so we headed down into town and couchsurfed for an evening.  It was an interesting night.P7270301.jpg







Our host Zach had plans to go to a “Folk Punk” house party concert so we stayed with his roomates who were all physicists working on their PhDs.  We took turns playing Crash Bandicoot on Playstation for a few hours then decided to go to the planetarium for a Jimi Hendrix/The Doors Laser light show which was a blast!  It was Lauren’s first laser light show and my first since high school.


I spent 2 days waiting for this chipmunk to get close enough for this shot.


After our Foray into the city, we headed back to our campsite and cooked some ribeyes on the stainless steel tripod grill that my Dad made for us.  We didn’t have lighter fluid or a charcoal chimney so I rigged a beer box and aluminum foil over a trench which worked perfectly!  We spent a few more days on the mountain and were treated to a massive thunderstorm!

Lauren went to the truck and I stayed in the tent during the maelstrom that ensued.  We both survived and our tent performed flawlessly.  When the storm was over, I woke up and felt like I was in a water bed.  I thought for sure everything was soaked but I was just floating on my air matress inside a bone dry tent.  There was about 4 inches of water surrounding the tent but not a drop got inside.  +1 for MSR, we’ve got the Mutha Hubba 3 person tent and cannot recommend it highly enough.


After the rain, we took a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, CO.  I had one of those vivid childhood memories of a staircase leading up a mountain into the clouds from when I was here with my family when I was about 10 years old.  We called my parents to ask where it might be and decided to set off to try and find the spot.  We eventually got there and the parking lot was closed, so we parked on the next pulloff and hiked to the top of the mountain.  What a view and crazy windy!




On the way back we stopped alongside the road to do some laundry.

We found an awesome taphouse in boulder called Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse.  They had a ton of beers on tap including 7-8 sours on tap.  We ended up chatting with the guy next to us who heard me order a sour and ended up buying us a $28 bottle of beer from Belgium.  We talked about beer for several hours and had a great night.

Boulder was an awesome experience.  Great people, great food, great beer and spectacular mountains and trails.  It’s amazing what a town can become when people get involved in the community and have a progressive mindset.  The parks were beautiful and there was always something to do.


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