Down on the Farm

We left Colorado Springs, which was frankly a bit disappointing.  We kept wondering “Is this Colorado?”  We found out later that no, it is not.  We headed East to Rush, CO to see Lauren’s Cousin Patrick and his Wife Teresa and their kids.  It was a blast!

We held baby goats, walked through the pasture, while Catie and Mary rode their horse bareback.  We met chickens, goats, a llama, horses (Whiskey and Bailey), 2 boxers, a big white dog named Leroy, and a pig.  We had awesome dinner–porkchops from a pig that belonged to a friend of  theirs with homemade potato salad and beans.

We played dominoes, drank beer, shot a Colt 45 revolver at a bucket, and talked and laughed until 2:00 AM.  It was a blast. We even exchanged stories about how we met, which was hilarious.  At one point Theresa hopped on the quad to wrangle a loose pig.

The next morning we said our goodbyes and headed on the road again, this time to Boulder.  Unfortunately we forgot to take a single picture! Having too much fun I guess.

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