Gross Resovoir

P7210248.JPGWe decided we wanted to do some camping and kayaking so we found the Gross Resovoir once again on free campsites.  Somehow we managed to get the BEST spot on the entire lake and although it was a helluva hike we took the kayaks as well as all our camping gear to the site.


The spot was marvelous and aside from the fire ban which made disposing of trash a bit difficult, it was just what we needed.  We’re finding that the fee for a free campsite is usually cleaning up after the person who used it before you.  We paddled and relaxed for a few days, drank gourmet coffee on the rocks next to the water and enjoyed not having a clue what time it was!  At one point a ranger came by and warned us of an active bear but we never did see it, just a few crows trying to get into our trash hanging in a tree.


As we were packing up to head out, we met Leslie who was paddleboarding the resovoir to help recover from knee surgery.  She gave us a bunch of awesome tips on places to check out in the mountains.P7210257.JPG

Hauling the Kayaks up the hill was tough but the paddling was worth it.

Next stop, Boulder!

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