Colorado Springs

We had some awesome German food at Eidelweiss (sp) as soon as we got into town.

We stayed with Libby and Ian for a few days and had a great time. We had a cookout with some of their friends and I was happy to introduce everyone to Pierogies! The next day we had a good breakfast and then went to a gun range to shoot some rounds.

On our way out of town, somehow we lost our bag of dirty laundry which doesn’t sound bad, but when you have 4 shirts total it sucks. I lost 2 of my favorite band T-Shirts and my favorite Tool Hoodie. Also we lost $200 worth of Revelate Designs bikepacking bags with the tags still on them. It turned out to be a good lesson on how stuff is not important and neither is money. We didn’t even get mad, just re-bought the bags and moved on.

We stayed at a dispersed campsite we found on free campsites, which is an awesome resource and totally free to use.

The next day we drove back into Colorado Springs on a scavenger hunt for our lost stuff but never found it.  We debated bikepacking to Lauren’s cousin’s house out in the plains of Colorado, but ended up staying in a Mom & Pop cabin instead and driving the next day.

We were going to mountain bike red rock canyon but got rained out and we were very happy to have a roof over our head. You learn to appreciate and enjoy the little things when homeless! Albeit homeless on purpose (HomeFree).  Instead of riding we picked up a “Rocky Block” box of wine and sat in the pouring rain under a gazebo cooking dinner on the ground on our camp stove.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs”

  1. Hello, world travelers…I got a pic from Steve and remembered your website…it’s really interesting, fun, and well written… Looking forward to seeing the planet through your eyes…later…and Take Care!


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